Cam Lasky - What Moves the Dead


What Moves the Dead by Cam Lasky

 What Moves the Dead is T. Kingfisher's retelling of Edgar Allan Poe's classic "The Fall of the House of Usher” in 2022.
 In What Moves the Dead, Alex Easton is a sworn soldier of Galacia. They receive a letter from their childhood friend Madeline Usher who thinks she may be dying. Naturally, Alex rushes to the crumbling manor Madeline and her brother Roderick call home to do what they can to help. When Alex makes their way to the Usher castle, though, they find a half-caved-in manor on the edge of a sickly lake called a tarn.
 Mushrooms and fungi are described by comparing them to viscera and open wounds. The local hares behave in strange and unnerving ways, such as sitting up and staring at people and drowning themselves in the tarn. The locals refuse to visit the manor, and no one goes close to the lake if they can help it. All of these descriptions lend themselves to create an atmosphere of dread throughout the story.

  I was so fascinated by this gothic horror remix that I decided to launch it in three separate EPs.


Released: January 20,  2023
Recorded: December 2022
Studio:  Skylarxtudio; Kyoto



Released: February 24,  2023
Recorded: January 2023
Studio:  Skylarxtudio; Kyoto

Co-Produced by Gecco Meco (Babie GION)
Produced, Written and All Performed by Cam Lasky
Music Inspired by T. Kingfisher's What Moves the Dead
© 2023 Cam Lasky, DJs & associates. LLCMusic (JASRAC)

Release Date March 31, 2023