TOKYO YEAR ZERO (Tokyo Trilogy 1) by Cam Lasky

 I have established KWAIOTO Records to turn this novel into music. Burnt ruins of air raids, the smell of decay, dust, blood, and death….
 This novel is David Peace's noir novel "TOKYO YEAR ZERO" about detectives investigating a real-life serial-killer case in post-WWII Tokyo between 1945 and 1946.

  A shocking noir novel published in 2007 by David Peace made me dream of make music of the same title. It took me 15 years before I was finally able to make an album in a form I was happy with. This has made it a very thoughtful piece of work.
It is also a good commemoration that the original author, David Peace, joined us for few tracks (unique and musical) readings.

Released: November 16, 2020

In addition to downloads and streams, the album is also being launched as a unique physical product in a CD case with an SD card (containing 32 WAV digital files) and booklet. This meant that the subsequent Tokyo trilogy releases 'Part 2 : OCCUPIED CITY (2021)' and 'Part.3 : TOKYO REDUX (2021)' were also available in the same physical product format.

Music Inspired by David Peace's TOKYO YEAR ZERO

Recorded: March - September, 2020
Studio:  Skylarxtudio, westerindustrix; Kyoto
Co-Produced by Gecco Meco (Babie GION)
Produced, Written and All Performed by Cam Lasky

© 2020 Cam Lasky, DJs & associates. LLC (JASRAC)