Cam Lasky - spectre

Spectre by Cam Lasky

 Imaginary soundtrack to spin-off novel from the Hyakki Yagyo detective gothic novel series set in post-war Japan by Kyogoku Natsuhiko, from the perspective of people possessed by apparition.
 The series is music sequel to Occupied City and TOKYO REDUX, which set David Peace's work to music as the story begins in post-WW2 1952, after GHQ (General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers) had withdrawn from Japan.

Release Date  March 10, 2023

1. Sleever (Original Mix)
2. a Bite (Original Mix)
3. Subwife (Original Mix)

Music Inspired by Kougoku Ntsuhiko Hyakki Yagyou - Mōryō no Hako

Recorded: January 2023
Studio:  Skylarxtudio; Kyoto
Co-Produced by Gecco Meco (Babie GION)
Produced, Written and All Performed by Cam Lasky

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