Cam Lasky - POP. 1280

POP. 1280 by Cam Lasky

 Pop. 1280 is masterful noir novel by Jim Thompson, the author of The Killer Inside Me, The Getaway, The Grifters and After Dark, published in 1964.

 In 2021, having completed an album adaptation of David Peace's Tokyo Trilogy, a trilogy of noir novels set in post-WW2 Tokyo, I wanted a type of noir fiction source material that I had not worked on before.
 I consulted a friend and book editor, who pointed me towards Jim Thompson's Pop. 1280.
  The original story is set in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, a town of population 1280 (Pop. 1280) in 1917.
This alone was already enough to get me excited.

 Nick Corey is the simple minded, hen pecked Sheriff of Potts County, trying his best not to upset his fellow citizens. However, as this is a novel by noir genius Jim Thompson there’s a whole lot more going on under the innocent façade. Over the course of Pop 1280 we slowly peel back the layers of Corey’s personality to see an intelligent, lustful and determined individual who schemes for re-election, love and self-preservation. 

Released: November 18, 2022

Music Inspired by Jim Thompson – POP. 1280
Recorded: October 2022
Studio Skylarxtudio; Kyoto
Genre: Electonic, Deep Dubstep 
Co-Produced by Gecco Meco (Babie GION)
Produced, Written and All Performed by Cam Lasky

© 2022 Cam Lasky, DJs & associates. LLC (JASRAC)