Cam Lasky - Occulted City


Occulted City by Cam Lasky

 Occulted City is one of my life's work, a series that has continued each year for a season since 2017. This series of music uses dubstep and other bass music to depict the ancient monsters and monstrosities of Kyoto, Japan, where I live. This season 2023 uses Japanese animation spin-off novel and Thersa Matsuura's The Carp Faced Boy as inspiration sources.

Occulted City Spider Sweeper

Release Date  March 10, 2023
Recorded: January 2023
Studio:  Skylarxtudio, westerindustrix; Kyoto

Occulted City The Carp Faced Boy Release Date April 21, 2023

Occulted City Season 2023 Playlist