Kyoka Hyaku

"Kyoka Hyaku (Kyoka 100)" project is a musical adaptation of 100 works by Kyoka Izumi, a master of Japanese dark fantasy / gothic horror literature who was active from 1893 (Meiji Era 26) to 1939 (Showa Era 14).
In Japan, there is a traditional ghost story telling custom called "Hyakumonogatari (A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales)" in which a real ghost story is said to occur after 100 ghost stories are told. This project is an attempt to bring Kyoka World back to life in present by composing 100 music in the manner of those 100 ghost tales.

明治26年(1893年)から昭和14年(1939年)まで活動した日本のダークファンタジー/ ゴシックホラー文学の名手・泉鏡花の100作品を音楽化するプロジェクト。


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