Occulted City Vol.1  Ibaraki Doji

Cam Lasky

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Demon Arm (Original Mix)

Cam Lasky

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Cam Lasky - Demon Arm (Original Mix)


Cam Lasky / Occulted City Vol.2 Rashomon 呪法都市 壱 茨城童子


  5h  Jun 2017

Deep Dubstep

Dark Kyotostep


Demon Arm (Breez Remix)

Cam Lasky, Breez

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Cam Lasky, Breez - Demon Arm (Breez Remix)

4 :19


Demon Arm (Babie GION Calm Shikigami Mix)

Cam Lasky, Babie GION

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Cam Lasky, Babie GION - Demon Arm (Babie GION Calm Shikigami Mix)

4 : 37

Synth and Prog by Breez (2), BabieGION (3)

Produced, Written and Performed by Cam Lasky

Engineered & Mixed by Sonar Graham

P&C 2017 Cam Lasky under exclusive license from KWAIOTO Records

Demon Arm Back Story


Japanese Demon (Oni) – Ibaraki Doji


Ibaraki dōji is a demon (oni) featured in tales of the Heian era. In the tales, Ibaraki-dōji is based on Mt. Ooe, and once went on a rampage in Kyoto. Ibaraki Douji was the most important servant of Shuten-doji.

He had teeth since birth, and was feared for being a giant. After he became an oni, he met Shuten-doji and became his subordinate, and together they aimed for the capital.

The Shuten-doji gang was based on Mt. Ooe (said to be in Tamba province, but there are also theories that it may have been at Mt. Ooe (大枝), at the boundary between Kyoto and Kameoka. The gang ran amok in the capital, kidnapping families’ girls among other things, but they were destroyed by Minamoto no Yorimitsu and his four vassals, the Four Guardian Kings. However, Ibaraki-doji was able to escape.



Legend of Demon Arm


One night at Ichijo-Modoribashi.

A young beautiful girl was on the road, worried, so Watanabe no Tsuna made her ride on a horse, but the girl suddenly transformed into an Demon(Oni)- Ibaraki-doji, and grasped Tsuna’s hair, flew in the air, and took him to Mt. Atago. Tsuna, not panicked at all, cut off the demon arm, averting disaster.

Tsuna showed the demon arm to Minamoto no Yorimitsu. Yorimitsu consulted with an onmyoji (there are versions where it was Abe no Seimei, who said that “the demon will surely come for its arm, so confine yourself in your house for seven days, and don’t let anyone in the house for that time.” Several days after that, Ibaraki-doji tried to invade Tsuna’s estate using the remaining arm, but due to the power of a Humane King Sutra and a talisman, Ibaraki-doji was not able to enter.

Finally, on the evening of the seventh night, on Settsu, Tsuna’s aunt, Mashiba (there are also versions where it was not his aunt, but his foster mother) came to Tsuna’s estate. Tsuna told the circumstances, and said that his aunt definitely cannot come in, but the old aunt grieved, “from a young age, I raised you with great care, and my reward is this kind of treatment?” and by that, Tsuna disobeyed his instructions, and let his aunt into his estate. However, his aunt was, in reality, Ibaraki-doji in disguise. While still in his aunt’s appearance, Ibaraki-doji expressed desire to see the arm that Tsuna cut off from the oni, and after carefully looking at the arm taken out of its seal within a box, suddenly turned back into an oni’s appearance. Ibaraki-doji, holding the arm, flew up in the air, broke the gable, and disappeared in the distance in the sky.

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