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Cam Lasky - Occupied City the Album

Occupied City  Album

Cam Lasky


 11th Dec 2017

Deep Dubstep

Dark Tokyostep

1. Occupied City 1948 (Album Mix)

2. Spinning Wheel (Album Mix)

3. Lost Pages (Original Album Mix)

4. I Wonder (Album Mix)

5. No White Horse Anymore (Album Mix)

6. Ginza, Rat, 1945 (Album Mix)

7. False God (Album Mix)

8. Tokyo Hexagon (Album Mix)

9. Demon be Outside (Album Mix)

10. Defamation (Album Mix)

11. Pretend (Album Mix)

12. The Mountain of Bones (Album Mix)

13. Mr. Tanaka and Puppets (Album Mix)

14. Raven on Tokyo Ruins (Album Mix)

15. Demon from Wardrobe (Album Mix)

16. The Boogie Knights (Album Mix)

17. In The Black Fog (Album Mix)

18. Confessions of a Mask (Album Mix)

19. Black Buddha (Album Mix)

20. Black Ship (Album Mix)

21. Across the River (Album Mix)

22. Across the River (Dark Swingstep Album Mix)


Vocal by Li Xianglam

Clarinet by Jewish Klezmer

Sax  by Lucian Nagy

Trumpet by Rob Clark

Guitar by K. Barry


Produced, Written, Steinway, Drums and Synth by Cam Lasky

Engineered & Mixed by Sonar Graham

P&C 2017 Cam Lasky under exclusive license from KWAIOTO Records

Creative Commons License