Occulted City Vol.7  Kuzunoha

Cam Lasky

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Incarnation (Original Mix)


Cam Lasky

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Cam Lasky - Incarnation (Original Mix)

4 : 08

Cam Lasky - Occulted City Vol.7 Kuzunoha 呪法都市 巻之漆 葛之葉


  6th  Nov  2017

Deep Dubstep

Dark Kyotostep


Incarnation (Cam Lasky, Babie GION Deep Gymnopedia Mix)


Cam Lasky, Babie GION

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Cam Lasky, Babie GION - Incarnation (Cam Lasky, Babie GION Deep Gymnopedia Mix)

4 : 09


Yin and Yang (Original Mix)

Cam Lasky

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Cam Lasky - Yin and Yang (Original Mix)

4 : 22

Performed by BabieGION (2)

Produced, Written and Performed by Cam Lasky

Engineered & Mixed by Sonar Graham

P&C 2017 Cam Lasky under exclusive license from KWAIOTO Records

Kuzunoha (葛の葉 Kuzunoha), also written Kuzu-no-Ha, is the name of a popular kitsune character in Japanese folklore. Her name means kudzu leaf. Legend states that she is the mother of Abe no Seimei(安倍晴明), the famous onmyōji.


The young nobleman Abe no Yasuna (安倍保名), on his way to visit a shrine in Shinoda, in Settsu Province, encounters a young military commissioner who is hunting foxes in order to obtain their livers for use as medicine. Yasuna battles the hunter, sustaining several wounds in the process, and sets free the white fox he had trapped. Afterward, a beautiful woman named Kuzunoha comes along and helps him return to his home.

In reality, this woman is the fox he had saved, adopting human form in order to tend to his wounds. He falls in love with her, and they marry. Later, she bears him a child, Seimei (childhood name Dōji), who proves prodigiously clever. Kuzunoha realizes that her son has inherited part of her supernatural nature.

Several years later, while Kuzunoha is viewing some chrysanthemums, her son catches sight of the tip of her tail. Her true nature revealed, Kuzunoha prepares to depart to return to her life in the wild. She leaves behind a farewell poem, asking her husband Yasuna to come to see her in Shinoda forest.

Yasuna and his son search Shinoda for Kuzunoha, and eventually she appears to them as a fox. Revealing that she is the kami, or deific spirit, of Shinoda shrine, she gives her son Seimei a gift, allowing him to comprehend the language of beasts.


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